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I'd Like to take this opportunity to quickly say thank you, to all my friends of old and new in the Manx/Buggy world. It's not just the fiberglass, or custom accessories, that make the buggies so special.. It's the adventures, the good times, and the good people...

David Barrett Profile:

David Barrett is the guy to see when it comes to Manx and Kit car Chassis. With over 45 years of experience in the field, his extensive research on the evolution of buggies, has made him one of today's top chassis designers and fabricators. Forty-years of trails, dunes, and asphalt has led David to his current designs. All of which deliver vast improvement, in ride and handling, and offer a plethora of customizable features for any style setup.
All manxchassis.com products are Proudly Hand-Built in the USA, and every chassis is Custom-Made by David, to your specific vehicle requirements.

My chassis design has been developed from what I considered a need for a stronger base for Manx cars. I built my first buggy in the summer of '69, (That's 1969, last century, for you young kids out there), and have had a buggy on and off since then. In the OLD days I used to go auto-crossing in VW cars and buggies, eventually ending up with a buggy that won all the races for a year and a half. My buddy and I had a lot of fun, good old college days, we also did some Formula Vee racing, learning a lot about setting up the Vw chassis for road racing. Engineering and Art school, good days back then...and now..

Now, I build chassis for your short buggy, long buggy, drag buggy, woods buggy, tall buggies,, and low buggies and of course the "normal" dune buggy. Normal would be the buggy simply using the stock VW beam and rear suspensions, they can be set up to be lower, or raised up for off road play.If you want the lowest buggy out there, I can raise the front beam and rear torsion/suspension to lower the body over the tires. If you need a good off road desert car, that can still be driven on the street, I can raise the body using a taller side member, and dropping the suspensions front and rear to get you more high center under the tub of the car. Speaking of off road setup's, the "CALIFORNIA CONDOR" , is one of the best sellers in the west. "THE FLAT MANXCHASSIS", is built to fit the 14 1/2 shortened pan cars, and makes for one sweet ride.
There's the "FULL LENGTH/MANXSTER", for the long cars too..

I also developed a "Full Tube" Chassis that surrounds the body with tubing, with a truss showing on the outside of the body, leaving all the valuable room in the buggy for your body and comfortable seats, instead of tubing. Like all of my chassis, the Full Tube Chassis is fully customizable in size, style and length, with tons of options. Making it an excellent choice for any style build.

Hope to see you at a Run or on the Trail, Dave Barrett


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