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"The Flat ManxChassis"

(Barrett Designs© Shortened, Flat, Manx Chassis)
"The Flat ManxChassis" is designed as an upgrade for shortened Manx buggies. Handmade in the USA, It maintains the classic look and height, but delivers an improved ride, superior handling, and a plethora of custom options, that all help your build come together easily..
No matter the style setup.

The Flat ManxChassis gives you a rock-solid,
extra-durable, feature-enabled foundation, on which to build or rebuild your Manx.

"California Condor"

(Barrett Designs© 3-inch lift, Manx Chassis)
The new California CondoR High Flyin' Chassis, raises the body 3 inches... but, also gives you 1 1/2 inches extra height, (under the pan, between the axles) which gives a higher center ground clearance. So, you can go over bigger boulders, sand dune lips and higher curbs on neighborhood runs. This chassis will also allow you to run a Manx1 Style body,(with the battery wells), and use IRS rear suspension, without having to cut the fiberglass.

This Chassis likes being used with a Bus trans, If you are running large tires you will need the gearing from the Bus trans. I offer my "Super Condor" version which has some hip off-road options... But, don't fear kids.. this chassis can also be built for the sedan trans, and still kicks it. The front beam is extended an extra inch for use with the VW steering box, or two inches if you are using a rack and pinion steering box. Lots of options to make the build easy and quick for you.

"Full Tube Chassis"

(Barrett Designs© Custom Fit Full Tube Chassis)
The Full Tube chassis is built around your body.  In essence, it is a sand rail-type chassis stretched around a Manx body, with a cage integrated through the body. Raised chassis ground clearance can be as much as 12 inches front and rear using stock VW front and rear suspensions, and is still drive-able on the street. Lowered chassis ground clearance can be 4 inches or less, depending on tire sizes. 

(I MUST have YOUR body on my chassis jig, for the full tube design.)

"Full Length/Manxter Chassis"

(Barrett Designs© Full Length/Manxter Chassis)
Handmade in the USA, This chassis is designed for Manxter buggies, as well as an upgrade for all full length VW pan based vehicles. Folks, have been loving this full length chassis lately. They are always astounded, with improved handling and ride over their stock pan.

As with all Barrett Designs product, this chassis can be setup a plethora of different ways to suit your build and personal style.