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Manxchassis offers Superior-Handling, Better-Riding, Rock-Solid, Option-Packed, Sweet-Looking, Handmade in the USA, Built to Last Chassis.
Not only do they look Hip, and drive amazing, but they have tons of custom options available to you when ordering, enabling you to have your Manx or Kit car, Sit, Ride, and Look, exactly as YOU desire.

Call or Email Dave 1(559) 260-5947 or kubeldave@gmail.com

Our inquiry/ordering process ensures that you get every feature and customization that you need, to make your vehicle, your personal dream machine. Checkout the "Gallery" above to see the completed Buggies, and "Our Products" page to see the details, and options for the Chassis.


Project Planning
& Advice

Before your Purchase
There is a plethora of options for you to choose from when ordering your new manx or kit car chassis.
A few of the options include; Steel/Aluminum Floors, Roll Cages, Front & Rear Bulkheads, Adjustable Beams, and anything custom you can think of.

David prides himself on his customer service and interaction. And, loves to talk buggies, He is very thorough and asks a lot of questions, so that he can give the best possible advice for your new chassis, and ensure that every customers needs are fully understood and met. He always figures out what, what will work best for your build, (even if you don't know yourself).


Chassis Ordering
& Purchase

Ordering your new Chassis
At this point you've already spoken to David via email or phone, and you are both are on the same page, as far as what options and features you require. Delivery options are discussed, and body transport (if necessary) is arranged.
Dave not only offers shipping around the world, but he truly "Lives the Buggy Life" and often can be found delivering his awesome chassis, to awesome people, at the very runs, trails, and Buggy events we all love so much.
manxchassis.com conveniently accepts Cash, Check, and Money Orders.
Turn around times vary by chassis, chassis features you choose, and current shop volume. David does his best to be as speedy as possible, but his emphasis is on Quality.


After the Purchase

Installing your Parts
David has spent years on his Chassis designs. Not only making a Better-Handling, Option-Packed, Rugged-Chassis, but designing something that gives the customer a product, that ensures their project build goes as smoothly as possible.
That's the genius of David's design, there is plenty of room under the chassis for any air-cooled motor/carb setup, as well as being ready to accept most Domestic & Foreign (Chevy,Ford,Subaru,Mazda,etc), engines and radiators. Combine this with the seemingly endless options of custom features.
Making all manxhassis.com products, not only a dream for installing your parts today, but also extremely versatile, for any future modifications/changes you may want.

Product and Service Overview

"The Flat ManxChassis"
"Full Length/Manxter"
Custom Length Flat Chassis.

"The Flat ManxChassis" & "Full Length/Manxter Chassis", are designed for those who want the ultimate chassis and building platform for their Manx style buggies. These can be built to any length to fit any Buggy or kit cars. It's stronger design, improved handling, and modern features, makes it's and Ideal option for those looking for an upgrade, from a shortened or stock Vw chassis/pan. 

"Full Tube Chassis"
This chassis is custom built around your body.  In essence, it is a sand rail-type chassis stretched around a manx body, with a cage integrated through your body.
Raised chassis ground clearance can be 12-inches front and rear using stock VW suspensions,  Lowered chassis ground clearance can be as low as 4-inches. Making this Chassis the ultimate in customization.

"High Flyin'
California Condor"

The California Condor is quickly becoming the go to chassis for those who demand more, with its, superior handling, 3-inch lift, also giving you 1- 1/2 inches extra height, which gives a higher center ground clearance. It's no wonder it's become one of the West's top selling chassis!

Service & Related Product
At manxchassis.com, David can build as much, or as little, of a car as you need. Dave does installations of bodies to chassis, attaching your new manxchassis.com product or Vw chassis.

He also offers a variety of related services, and products, such as the *KUBELITE, Burro-style, Desert, and Speed type chassis projects, as well as doing roll cages. Have questions on what we do,
or how he can help on your current project? Simply email Dave, kubeldave@gmail.com or 1(559) 260-5947